Subsequent to the FBI’s shutdown of three top American poker websites, Canadian poker shows like TSN, Rogers Sportsnet and The Score are being closely observed, even though they are still continuing to go on air and no one has said that they are doing anything wrong. After the Black Friday shutdown in America, it is juts possible that these American produced poker shows may cease production. This has US poker players greatly disappointed as they are now facing the prospect of no online poker and then no poker shows as well.

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Unfortunately the only positive aspect of this situation that anyone can come up with is that the fall of the US online poker industry could pave way for other sports sectors to pick up more media coverage. Although poker is mostly utilized as an interlude between programmes during wee hours, it still enjoys good ratings amongst poker fans and is sure to be missed if pulled off the air.

In regards to US poker players and American poker professionals, a lot of them are considering shifting bases and want to move from America in order to continue playing poker professionally and earning money. Daniel Negreanu, a poker magnet hailing from Canada had said in his blog that he was not going to worry about the present condition. However, he did mention that it has definitely led him to modify his online poker training plans. Prior to the seizure, the Canadian player was about to participate in the online tournament of World Series of Poker.

It is in fact premature to gauge the US online poker situation right now. And, although many can speculate and hope that the unusual regulations will be eventually relaxed considering the fact that it would be a bad move to entirely shut down online poker industry in the US as this would hit the US economy extremely hard.

As of now, most of the big live tournaments remain unaffected and the US online poker websites are still viable in other countries. Since a lot of US online poker players depend on internet poker for their livelihood, the players who want to be playing live tournaments are shifting to places where online poker is still legal.

Online poker gives a poker player more opportunities to win money than ordinary land based games. Also, US online poker players can play more games at the same time, hence the income generated is always pleasing even if the American online poker players lose on various occasions. The loss of these sites has hit them all hard.

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