Matt Waxman is one of the first American poker players to have won a World Poker Tour event that took place in Paris and he lasted against a total of 312 players along the way. Matt Waxman won himself a huge prize of €518,750 that includes a winning entry into the WPT championship event worth $25000.

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The final table for Matt Waxman lasted for over 1000 hands and in the end he was leading against Hugo Lemaire. And although he was called on in the end, the flush he made sealed his victory of the tournament. Hugo Lemaire won €311,100 and also a free entry into WPT Amneville, and hence it is not a depressing loss for him. Other strong players at the final table included Mikko Sundell, Fred Magen, Byron Kaverman, and Martin Jacobson.

Matt Waxman is an American, and his win would probably instill pride in all American players after they have been dropped from the online poker world for the most part.

Matt Waxman has had a successful year as a poker professional and he cashed in three times at the WSOP and these winnings included a third place win for the $1,500 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Event. His current earnings including this latest victory makes his grand total to $1 million for this year till now.

Following is a list of winners along with the prize money they cashed out: 1st is Matt Waxman and he won €518,750, 2nd is Hugo Lemaire who won €311,100, 3rd is Fred Magen who won €211,100, 4th is Byron Kaverman who won €155,550, 5th is Mikko Sundell who won €133,330, and 6th is Martin Jacobson who won €88,900. All these winners have something to carry away and hence they need not be disheartened and since they make a great competition they will keep returning to make these kinds of poker events more exciting than ever.

An upcoming event will be the World Poker Tour in Atlantic City and the tournament series that will be held there for the Borgata Poker Open. The even itself begins on the 18th of September and the grand finale will be held on the 23rd of September 2011. It is definitely another great event to look forward to and players would definitely be trying to gain entry into the same some way or the other. Such events bring together the best of poker players which is why many players get together to play here.

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