According to an e-mail posted on, the U.S. Poker League has sold its creation, the U.S. Poker Bowl, to a company called Poker Business Enterprises (PBE).The first U.S. Poker Bowl was held this past October in Las Vegas and was well received by the players.

Apparently, the Poker Bowl has run into financial difficulties and has not been able to pay the winners of the event.Some speculate that it did not require some well-known pros to pony up the buy-in for the tournament, presumably so that the organizers would have high profile players to market for television.

PBE is currently sifting through the assets and liabilities of Poker Bowl to determine how things can be salvaged.It has said that it wants to be able to come up with a satisfactory solution for both the players who are still owed prize money and any franchisees who were financially harmed by the problems that have arisen.

The Poker Bowl is a team-based poker tournament in which five six-player teams in each of five “conferences” battle it out to reach the Poker Bowl Finale.The thirty players from the five conference champions then played until only one team had any players left standing.Team Cincinnati won Poker Bowl I, and, should it get paid, $600,000.

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