Allan Doeksen is just one of many professional online poker players to have all his money due to the shutdown and seizure of internet poker sites and accounts by the DoJ on Black Friday.

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The plight of these player accounts affiliated with Full Tilt Poker is becoming more serious as the money is still on the cards since the players have up to the end of the week to make their petition for the seizure of accounts. The petitions have to be made in the New York federal court, although it is unclear how much money is actually there for the players to petition for.

Allan Doeksen, is one of those few people who accepted that this was always a possibility that the money could vanish anytime, and he agreed to the same stating that it was because online wagering is illegal in the United States although these gaming sites could take the players offshore.

The possibility of people gambling away their money always existed and hence the PPA attorney Patrick Fleming stated that people could not be allowed to go bankrupt, and this argument was favoring the law. However, although the law wanted to just protect the players, all that has happened is that players have lost their money in the process. A gambling scholar said that if players are really lucky they would get around 10% of their earnings.

No figure can be attributed to the money that players have lost, but players like Allan Doeksen argue that wagering online is more stimulating than wagering in the real world because players can play multiple tables and games at a time.

It would also be wise to question whether players should be wagering multiple tables at a time in the event that they lose out all their money on these games. Also, knowing that online wagering in the United States is illegal, players still engage in online gambling, leaving poker aside, considering that it might be a game of skill, online betting is still illegal, and that means players are entering a crime with complete knowledge of it. Should those players be arrested? Well, the government would not arrest so many players and hence they would only target those who offer such services to entice these players and hence the online gambling sites have been shut down with complete reason and logic. However, doing that at this point in time after so long, when so many states are almost on the verge of legalizing online gambling is still a move that is being questioned.

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