The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) 2012 Main Event, an action-packed event that lasted seven days, has finally come to an end with US poker player John Dibella emerging as the champion and scooping up a breathtakingly large prize of $1,775,000.

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Although Ruben Visser had the fourth largest stack of chips, his table position did not work in his favor. While players with large stacks sat to his left, short-stacked players sat to his left, and owing to this unfavorable table position, Visser was the first player to be knocked off the table. The next player to go was David Berstein, who lost to Anthony Gregg, the runner up of the PCA Main Event of 2009.

Mark Drover, who was extremely short-stacked when he began playing, finished in the fifth position. With Drover gone, only four players were left playing when it was time for the dinner break.

The game that commenced after dinner break was more exciting than ever. Although Xuan Liu played the first post-dinner hand, it turned out to be her last hand. This left Jaka, Julius, and John Dibella playing for the pot.

Of the three, Jaka was the first to be knocked off the table, which left Dibella playing a heads-up match against Julius with 18,585,000 against his 13,105,000. The game came to an end with 43-year-old Dibella, who works as a stock broker in WestCherster County in New York, emerging as the winner and collecting a cool prize of $1,775,000, the largest prize he has ever won playing live poker tournaments. His previous largest prize was only $16,000, an amount he won when he finished 60th in the PCA Main Event of 2008.

The final table results are as follows. The players who finished second and third were Kyle Julius and Faraz Jaka of USA, who won prizes of $1,500,000 and $755,000, respectively.

The players who finished fourth and fifth were Xuan Liu and Mark Drover of Canada, who won prizes of $600,000 and $468,000, respectively.

The players who finished sixth and seventh were Anthony Gregg of USA and David Bernstein of Canada who won $364,000 and $260,000, respectively. The player who finished eighth was Ruben Visser of Netherlands who won $156,600.

The PCA 2012 Main Event has concluded, and now the poker gaming community all over the world is eagerly waiting for the PCA High Roller Final Table event, which is scheduled to be played on Saturday.

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