The world’s most popular poker tournament series – World Series of Poker has always had big player traffic from the US. Over the years, the fun and entertainment has been over the top, and as a result the promotional advertisements and the branding and marketing strategies have also seen glorious days. However, this year’s WSOP 2011 seems disappointing because the large advertisements and the banners are lacking as compared to the previous years.

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On the other hand, the Nevada Gaming Control Board is satisfied with the way the WSOP personnel have taken care of the hoardings and other banners around the series itself. The Board has clearly stated that they do not want any kind of commercial tie-ups between the online poker sites and the WSOP, especially those sites that have been targeted by the US government.

The Board has warned the authorities of WSOP against any kind of activities that would reflect badly on the gaming industry as a whole. This includes free advertisements on television and other such promotions of the online poker sites.

In keeping with the aforementioned rules and regulations, the WSOP has been looking for other sponsors who might be interested in marketing the series. Past partners of WSOP have included Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, who has continued the partnership and even the certification-oriented website has accepted a partnership with the WSOP. The logo of will be seen on all the tables that are televised during the entire series.

Bob Parsons, who is the CEO of has stated that their fans who are internet-lovers are all in for the partnership. There were some issues faced by the WSOP officials when certain specific rules and regulations enforced by the Gaming Control Board were not specified as required, but this has passed. It is also necessary to consider that the WSOP personnel cannot always control the logo sported by players and their clothes, since that would be an individual choice. But, the usually hosted huge advertisements of online poker sites are nowhere to be found. Since the action has already begun, it has taken centre stage and the issue related to the advertisements of poker sites and their branding has become a fading parade. And, as the main event is awaited, the anticipation is on, since this issue might crop up again, just before the main WSOP event.

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