The Legalization of US online poker is an ongoing debate and it would seem that each US state has their own solution to this issue. The issue of US online poker legalisation can be resolved if some of these solutions are given a chance.

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Some of these US online poker proposals put forth by gaming officials were brought out after the Nevada Legislature and Governor Brian Sandoval, had accepted the Assembly Bill 258, passed in the Nevada Legislature of 2011, and hence the Gaming Control Board came up with several internet poker regulations.

The US online poker proposals include different regulatory aspects like stability, quality service, fairness and it also states that there should be some form of discipline executed if any company breaks the said rules.

If online poker were legalized then Nevada would be the state to begin with the licensing of different bodies for intrastate gaming. Mark Lipparelli, the Chairman of the Gaming Control Board also said that the state is only undergoing a kind of preparation for this change and that only if online poker is legalized by the congress, would it be able to implement such procedures, after receiving a heads up from the government regarding the same.

Mark Lipparelli also went on to comment on US poker. “Internet poker has become a multibillion dollar business around the world. The technology supporting it, while not perfect, has improved dramatically since its introduction. Similar to our land based requirements; Nevada will establish high standards giving much confidence as possible in the entities and technologies that might eventually gain approval,” he said.

Predictions and actions regarding online poker have been an ongoing process and there are several different organizations and individuals that stand to benefit from the same. Gaming officials have tried to pass on several proposals through politicians and government officials as well. However, exactly how many such changes will work out in favour of the people is still being questioned.

“We can’t predict what may happen with any national legislation and we have attempted to frame these regulations in a manner that will provide appropriate flexibility. This will be a rigorous process and these regulations will, no doubt, undergo a good deal of revision,” Lipparelli commented.

Meanwhile, online poker players rarely believe that they might have a chance of receiving their money back, and a change of online poker regulations and legalization is also not in their minds right now. It will only happen when the government does enforce and introduce a rule book or sorts for online poker, and everyone is waiting for one right now.

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