Black Friday and its events were probably the worst of the troubles faced by the US Poker Professionals even after the establishment of the 2006 UIGEA and its effects. PartyPoker pulled out of the US market due to the UIGEA 2006 and overall everyone had to adjust to the decreasing number of online poker sites offering poker to US players.

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Several people, who were online poker professionals or poker players on a regular basis made a huge chunk of their living by playing poker online, and now most of them are facing that lack of income on a large scale. Most online US poker professionals have started considering facing this hardship with other options, but given a choice most of them would relocate to another country and continue playing poker online. Even that option is an extremely difficult one to go through with.

US online poker professionals consist of students making their pocket money out of poker, students paying their college fees out of poker, families being looked after based on online poker as a regular income, professionals from other fields that took a hit after the world’s financial crisis who had dropped their line of work to earn online as at poker, professionals who quit their careers for their love of poker, poker professionals who have been brought up on the game and other such people. It is extremely difficult for all or any of them to choose to move out of the country, and uproot themselves or their families in order to earn through poker. With the varying cost of living across the United States and Europe it is not a worthy option to consider, and it has been said that there might be issues faced by those who list poker as their current, past or future profession for Visa applications as well.

Although some of the PokerStars players have been paid out, not all of them might receive their money, while the rest of the poker players from other indicted poker sites might not even receive a single pay out, or might have to wait for months together in order to receive any such compensation.

Considering new careers is not a good option for people belonging to a certain age group, while moving to new careers might not be as sufficient as online poker used to be. In any case, people would do what they have to in order to survive.

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