This year has definitely become the year of online poker. World Series of Poker has seen so many winners, first timers and contenders alike, but no news can get Poker fans jingling than the progress made on online poker legislation. It seems to be Christmas in poker land with the poker scene bristling with opportunities. The states are gearing up to legitimise online poker in view of the government’s assessment, as quickly and efficiently as possible.
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In Nevada, the Gaming Control Board has issued its first online poker license to Bally Technologies in June. Bally Technologies has paid a licensing fee of $125,000 and now has to wait for the stamp of approval from Nevada Gaming Commission. Following suit are companies such as International Game Technology and Nevada’s Gaming Control Board Chairman, Mark Lipparelli said that, it would take six to eight months before Poker fans would see the light of the first online poker game by a licensed provider.
In Illinois, Senate President John Cullerton introduced a bill that would create a new division of Internet Gaming within the Illinois Lottery. With an estimated population of 13 million, the revenue from legitimising online gaming would create a large income for the state, in billions. The bill waits for its approval by the General Assembly and will see the light soon.
There were rumours that California and Nevada would be joining hands for an interstate online Poker arrangement. However, the Californian government have denied these rumours. Unfortunately, the state of California foresees trouble with several tribal organisations going against the bill. Even though the bill was altered to fit their requirements, State Senator, Roderick Wright does not think the bill will be passed this season. In California, merged with United Auburn Indian Community. has also applied for a license in Nevada, owing to definite delay in processing licenses with the Californian state.
Delaware State has planned to collaborate with West Virginia and Rhode Island to make way for three-way interstate partnership for online poker. New Jersey is still waiting for some reform thanks to Governor Chris Christie. Christie is holding on the decision to pass the bill until fall this year. Colorado State has also designed a bill, identical to the New Jersey Internet Gaming Bill. However, Executive Director Lois Rice has no plans to introduce the bill to the state senate anytime soon. Nevertheless, the bill might be considered for the next season.

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