As the days go by, a greater number of US government officials are opening their eyes to the fact that internet gambling will bring increasing revenue to the country. This is the only reason why internet gambling affairs are now gaining some ground in the United States.

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Here are some of the progressive steps taken in favour of US online poker. First in line was the decision taken by the Governor of Nevada, who signed a bill stating a timeline for the Nevada Gaming Commission to regulate gaming. The Gaming Commission has until January 2012 to come up with the rules and regulations that would govern online gambling and regulate all online poker in the state. However, this bill would only be passed if the federal government makes some online gambling legal throughout the country. It is no doubt that once that does happen, Nevada will be the first state to spearhead the internet gambling tradition in the United States. And, although the odds are haphazard and the chances look low, there are reports stating that legalization of internet gambling and other such movements are gaining more and more support.

A new bill was introduced after the recent association between Democrat Rep. Barney Frank, Republican Rep. John Campbell of California and Republican Rep. Peter King of New York, and this bill hopes to legalize, tax and regulate online gambling. Black Friday and Blue Monday were the two days when the US government showed its power in order to control what they called illegal gambling. The Department of Justice shut down several sites starting with PokerStars, Absolute Poker, Full Tilt Poker and other sites that offered internet poker.

Republican Rep. Joe Barton from Texas, has drafted another legal document that classifies poker as a game of skill, and this question that has caused all the confusion and allowed for the government to sue these sites might be soon answered.

Some of the older members who were against internet gambling altogether have started considering these proposals that have been pouring in, but most of them agree on one thing clearly, that if gambling is permitted, it will be regulated. And hence it is possible that internet gambling and internet poker will be made legal, in due course of time.

With so much hype and action happening around the internet poker affairs, there will definitely be some announcement made or action taken on the probability of the legalization of US online poker in this year or the next.

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