The US government will soon recruit a qualified person to reimburse Full Tilt Poker’s US players. The official website of the US Attorneys Office (USAO), Southern District of New York, now displays an advertisement for a claims administrator, who will be put in charge of reimbursing Full Tilt Poker’s US players.

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Although the claims administrator will help the US government, which is solely responsible for all US online poker woes, he/she will also make sure that US poker players will get back their money. Reimbursing Full Tilt Poker’s US players is no child’s play. According to the US federal government, Full Tilt Poker owes around $159 billion to around 1.3 million poker players in the US. The USAO wants to recruit a claims administration to “design and execute a process to solicit, receive, and evaluable claims, and to process payments, for losses incurred by US victims of Full Tilt Poker.”

The advertisement for the post claims administration states, “In so doing, the claims administrator will obtain and evaluate information, such as financial transaction records, from claimants, and analyze information contained in user account records provided in database and other format by Full Tilt Poker.”

Needless to say, applicants are required to submit proof of their qualification, experience in the online poker industry, and experience as a claims administrator while submitting their applications for this post. Applicants must also be willing to reveal all the contacts they might have had with Absolute Poker, Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, and other online gaming sites. They must also reveal any conflict of interest associated with online gaming companies, which might have an adverse effect on independence.

Full Tilt Poker’s US players are finally getting reimbursed thanks to a settlement deal recently signed between the US federal government and PokerStars on July 31, 2012. According to the terms of this settlement, PokerStars will pay the US government a sum of $547 million to acquire Full Tilt Poker assets from the government. The US government is going to use part of this amount to repay Full Tilt Poker’s US players, while PokerStars will spend an additional $184 million to repay Full Tilt Poker’s non US players within 90 days. PokerStars will be making the payment in three installments and has already paid $225 million to the government.

The US government will shortly reveal exactly what Full Tilt Poker’s US players will have to do to get back their online poker funds.

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