Recent development within the poker community, with regards to the ongoing case against PokerStars, has put the company in ‘hot water’. The United States government decided to file a fugitive motion against PokerStars; one of the main accused in the Black Friday event.
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The case against PokerStars is ongoing since April 15 of last year and has seen some progress in the past few months. The government’s move to initiate the fugitive motion has finally reached the courtroom. The document was recently filed and is basically meant to state the rules the government wishes to put in motion. Apart from the two things the document mentions; the Court must set a date and time to facilitate the government’s requests.
The document entails two requirements, namely – “Permitting the Government to Take Expedited Discovery Relating to Fugitive Disentitlement and (2) Staying Consideration of the PokerStars Claimants’ Motion to Dismiss the Verified First Amended Complaint.” Although, the sudden need to move this case to a fugitive motion is unknown, initial reports suggests that the motion was filed with regards to the PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker’s disregard, and consequent demand to drop charges.
In theory the motion would mean that, “a fugitive from justice may not seek relief from the courts whose authority they are evading. In other words, a fugitive would not be able to take advantage of a court’s ruling that may be in his favor (a positive ruling via the motion to dismiss or claims for assets facing forfeiture) while avoiding the authority of the court by keeping fugitive status.”
The motion has also put IsaiScheinberg in a tight spot. According to sources, the fugitive motion would in fact question his ownership of the company, if he were deemed a fugitive. Although, one factor remains: Scheinberg’s refusal to answer to allegations of fraud thrown at him by the government does not automatically brand him a fugitive. It is believed that even if he did, Scheinberg will be subjected to the same rules as that of Ray Bitar CEO of Full Tilt Poker. Bitar was lucky that although he was branded a fugitive before his return to the US, his capture and his subsequent decision to plead guilty got him a quick bail.
The past few months have been rocky in terms of reaching a settlement between PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker. PokerStars plans to buy out Full Tilt Poker and pay off its debts, since Full Tilt Poker was unable to do so. At the moment Full Tilt owes millions to players around the world.

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