Several online poker indictment cases may have to go on trial soon, and Ira Rubin, one of the defendants accused of working against the regulations of the US government has been held in custody in Miami. It has been reported by Prosecutor Devlin-Brown that Ira Rubin was preparing to leave the country just before his arrest in Guatemala.

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Ira Rubin’s case has been tried for bail and the magistrate judge has denied it. The fact that Ira Rubin was indicted was made public in April, during the Black Friday shutdown of Absolute Poker, PokerStars, and Full Tilt Poker.

The defendant’s lawyer Stuart Meissner, has mentioned that the client is ready to stay in the United States and face the charges, even though he might be imprisoned for 30 years if convicted.

The lawyer states that he considers this a bad move on the US Government’s part since it is a waste of the taxpayer’s money and resources. He also says that the US government should be declaring a war against terrorism and not against gambling.

The case is simple as it states that since online gambling has been illegal in the US since 2006, the accused have been processing illegal payments under alternate names and using US financial institutions for the same. Hence, they have been charged with bank fraud and money laundering. One of these indicted defendants had pleaded guilty in the same court a month ago.

The judge mentioned that there were several reasons for his having denied bail for Ira Rubin. According to the judge, it had been clearly proved in court by the prosecutor Devlin Brown that Ira Rubin intended to leave United States and gain a fake passport to move into Guatemala in Thailand. The judge claimed that there was overwhelming evidence against Ira Rubin for him to be set free. Ira Rubin was one of those who had processed thousands of dollars’ worth of transactions for the poker sites that have been indicted. Ira Rubin had access to accounts across Panama, Philippines and Cyprus and it is extremely difficult to land a number on the actual amount he had illegally processed. And, the same goes for the other defendants in similar cases as well. As of now, Ira Rubin has been denied bail and has been detained within United States.

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