The recent issue of the Las Vegas Review Journal carries a report by Howard Stutz, in which he has voiced his views regarding the recent announcement made by the Department of Justice (DoJ) of the US that it has altered its opinion regarding the 1961 Wire Act. This announcement has led to a lot of jubilation in the online poker gaming community, and according to Stutz, there is nothing to celebrate.

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Stutz has pointed out that, for a long time, the online poker gaming community has been celebrating the changes in the opinion that the Wire Act of 1961 includes all possible types of gambling. Quoting Prof. I. Nelson Rose, who said, “We are about to see this explosion of internet gambling sweep across the nation,” Stutz voices his opinion as follows: “I don’t want to be the wet blanket dropped on the party, but we need to analyze the situation.”

Stutz agrees with Greg Germignani, the lawyer, when he says that online poker will have to thoroughly re-examine the situation. The lawyer can be quoted as follows: “This is not a green light to fire up the online poker servers by any means.”

In his article, Stutz also makes a study of various opinions voiced by pro-gaming organizations such as American Gaming Association and the operators of various Las Vegas based gaming companies, who are trying to pressurize the US federal government to create a legislative and regulatory framework for online gambling before the states start doing it on their own.

Writing on this, Stutz says, “The move could make Nevada, which adopted internet poker regulations last month, the regulatory hub for the nation’s online poker industry, providing the state with a new revenue source and high tech jobs.”

Stutz has also expressed his opinion that the federal government might not legalize and regulate the online poker gaming industry this year. Neither does he feel that that states will achieve much progress in regulating the online gaming industry within their jurisdiction. He has pointed out that most of the states are in no position to invest millions of dollars, while others face a number of other problems such as opposition on the part of tribes.

Stutz predicts, “Clearly, internet poker, one of the biggest stories of 2011, will continue to be at the forefront of gaming news in the coming twelve months. For now, however, everyone just needs to breath.”

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