URounders Club has come out with a unique poker product that will allow the company to target the restricted online poker market in America as well as the rest of the world. As an up and coming online poker site, it is important to establish one’s niche in order to attain success. For URounders, their niche has been offering a poker experience packaged in a smartphone app which is downloadable for free.
One can sign up, log in, and deposit real money into URounders and immediately gain access to a nice selection of poker games: in addition to the popular No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha, URounders also offers more specialized games such as Open Faced Chinese Poker and Five-Card Omaha that its enthusiasts can enjoy. Both tournaments and cash games are offered as well.
Currently, URounders players can deposit as little as $4 to get a feel for the site. The poker operator accepts high deposits as well and can take up $4,000. URounders currently accepts major credits, online payment providers Skrill, ApplePay, and Zelle, as well as selected cryptocurrencies for deposits and cashouts.
Eric Graul is the founder of URounders. He first entered the poker industry as a player almost 20 years ago, transitioning to poker from, the card game Magic: The Gathering. The two games shared similarly complex strategies and tactics, which drew Graul in and made him a true devotee of both games.
Instead of having to play long poker sessions on a laptop or computer, Graul thought it would be more convenient for many players to get in a few hands here and there as they went about their daily lives. Not only did smartphones make online poker more accessible, it also resulted in softer player pools that could attract more players.
URounders Unique Among Traditional Poker Sites
Graul built his URounders concept on disassociating and being different from the top online poker operators in the market.
Currently, there are 4,100 players on URounders and they see around 20 to 25 games taking place on average. This means you will be able to find a game to jump into any time you log in. Individual players form private clubs and different poker clubs can then form large unions.
This results in a number of positive effects for players. As more players join the available player pool, more games and tables will be available—which will in turn attract more players to the union. Additionally, unions can further simplify the depositing and cashing out process of URounders by essentially forming a poker blockchain where players can exchange funds person to person, expediting financial transactions.
For instance, a URounders player may exchange real money to a union agent for money in their URounders account; similarly, players could withdraw money by exchanging money in their bankroll with other union members.
New Players Can Win Big in URounders
One area Graul has attempted to improve recently is the microstakes player experience. As a former grinder himself, Graul understands many new poker players lose hope quickly because their dreams are often crushed as they make very little money because the competition is tough and the top sites taken in a high rake.
URounders takes a rake percentage that is five times lower than other sites for its microstakes games as it sets a cap on the rake. The process of capping rakes on microstake games is expected to encourage a healthy poker ecosystem comprised of players of varying types and skill, ensuring that good players can still win, while new players will not have to pay through the nose to learn the game.
URounders should not have a problem targeting the US market because the company basically operators as a private club. These type of apps as per law should be treated like any other social club app or fraternity.  Based on its current framework, URounders is a platform that makes it easier for individuals to meet with other individuals who share a common interest—online poker and gives them the option of playing with one another.
Graul expects the URounders concept to explode soon. The site is in talks for further expansion as the process to get a license in Costa Rica is underway.

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