When the government of the United States promoted “We the People,” the Poker Players Alliance, a group dedicated to the cause of online poker, decided to use this opportunity to create a petition for legalizing online poker within the country. “We the People” is a government initiative and a promotion directed at the American public, where it allows for US residents to raise a petition on any matter that they are passionate about. The rule of thumb was, if the petition received 5,000 votes within a stipulated time-period, then the government promised to respond and consider the matter. September 22nd, 2011 was the day when the Poker Players Alliance created the plea for online poker. Since that time period, the petition has received the minimum 5,000 votes within three days and more than 10,000 votes by the last date.
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Eventually, the deputy director of the National Economic Council, Brian Deese issued a statement.
It took the government about eight months to respond to the petition; however, Mr. Deese’s four-paragraph long statement commented on the process the NEC used to conclude and took the time to congratulate the American spirit. He did nonetheless convey the fact that the government was aware of America’s obsession over online poker, but it would ultimately be the states’ decision to permit online poker within their jurisdiction.
Unfortunately, the actual essence of the petition, which spoke of the revenue boom, increased security against illegal activities, consumer protection and new job opportunities; sank around the diplomatic talk of the government officials who promptly gave no resolution.
Although, a definitive answer for this petition is missing, many from the American public believe that for the first time since the advent of online poker, the government was seriously thinking about considering legalizing the game.
While there are petitions that saw their ideas got to the floor and get actioned quickly in comparison to online poker, John Pappas, executive director of PPA is being very optimistic. He is happy that the response was positive, as this would eventually lead the US regulation of industry to address the situation. He also mentioned that he hoped someday not too far into the future, a bill would be passed to legalize online poker that would protect consumers and reinstate a sense of freedom among the American public. Pappas also thought this move would bring a tremendous source of income and job opportunities that the country needs.

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