Ultimate Poker, the first licensed online poker site in the US, said that it can now verify players who have Virgin Mobile, Verizon, and Cricket on their mobile phones.

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According to Nevada’s online gambling regulations, online poker rooms licensed in the Silver State are required to verify player location to ensure that players are indeed located within Nevada. The state does not permit players located in other US states to sign up at online poker rooms licensed in Nevada. Players are not even required to own property in or live in Nevada; they simply need to be within Nevada if they want to sign up at Ultimate Poker and play real money poker games.

However, mere IP address checks are insufficient to verify player location. This method needs to be coupled with mobile phone triangulation to make sure that players are indeed within the boundaries of the Silver State.

During and after its launch, Ultimate Poker had a few teething problems. The operators of Ultimate Poker realized that most cellular providers, including Verizon, were incompatible with triangulation services. A large number of Nevada poker players, who had Verizon plans, could not sign up at Ultimate Poker.

An Ultimate Poker spokesperson said that the online poker company has been working things out, as a result of which Cricket Wireless, Verizon, and Virgin are now compatible with triangulation services, owing to which the online poker site can now verify players with Verizon, Wireless, and Virgin plans.

As previously mentioned, the launch of Ultimate Poker was fraught with technical issues. In spite of this, US poker players in general and Nevada poker players in particular are overjoyed. Shortly after the launch, referred to as a “field test” by the Nevada Gaming Control Commission (NGCC), players complained of bugs in the software. Many players observed that anti-virus software, firewalls, as well as IE’s malware checker kept blocking the download process.

Despite the technical problems, the launch of Ultimate Poker is considered to be a huge success. PokerScout.com says that the new online poker room is attracting 136 real money players at peak hours. Besides, players are very happy with the low rake of 4.5 percent for all No Limit games.

The Ultimate Poker software, however, does not have any HUDs, and an Ultimate Poker spokesperson said that the operators plan to keep it that way till the software is upgraded to become Mac and mobile compatible.