Irish and British poker players have performed excellently throughout the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) 2013.

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The toughest SCOOP event for Irish and British poker players was Event #10, which was a No Limit Hold’em Super Knockout Tournament. Although none of them emerged as the last man standing, two managed to finish in the 35th and 36th places and won a cool prize of $445.45 each in the $27 low buy-in category.

British and Irish players were luckier in the $215 medium buy-in category. Many of them won four-figure cash prizes, and the largest prize of $15,52.35 was won by Bugenhagen76, who finished in the sixth place. The $2,100 high-stakes category was just as popular, with 662 high rollers buying into the event and generating a prize pool as large as $1,357,100. It was Rupert Elder who finished 21st and won a cash prize of $3,765.95. Besides, he won six bounty prizes of $1,025 each.

UK player Kid Blaast and Irish player Eye Rai$e finished 11th and 14th in the $27 low buy-in category of Event #13, which happened to be a PL Omaha Heads-up tournament. PhilRoyal888 finished in the 13th place in the $215 medium buy-in category. In the high-stakes $2,100 buy-in category, Liqqa finished sixth and won a grand prize of $16,848.00.

Poker player Adreny finished in the 3rd place and shmothy finished in the 5th place in the $11 low buy-in category of Event #14, which turned out to be an NL Hold’em Rebuys tournament. In the $109 mid buy-in category, vindog03 finished 9th and won a prize of $5,106.74.

JAMIEHUNT83 emerged as the champion of the low buy-in category of Event #15, a NL Hold’em Ante Up tournament and won $7,465.80. OMGjonyctt and viking47 emerged as the finalists of the medium buy-in category and Charlie Combes won the $700 buy-in high-stakes event.

UK poker players did well in Event #16 too, which was a Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tournament. Player holako emerged as the champion of the low buy-in category and collected an impressive cash prize of $11,456.32 plus a prestigious SCOOP watch. UK player Kid Blaast finished second in the $215 medium buy-in event and collected a prize of $20,234.01.

As many as 15 players won cash prizes in the $2,100 buy-in high-stakes category of Event #16 and three of those players were from the UK. While John O’Shea finished 12th, Richard Ashby and saphirel finished 8th and 5th, respectively.