The effects of ‘Black Friday’ in the internet poker world have been far reaching. And, reports indicate that even the UK Gambling Commission has tightened its licensing regulations since then. Jeremy Hunt is the Culture Secretary and he is planning to change the internet gambling licensing rules in the United Kingdom radically on account of recent events that has left several thousand players worrying about their money, after Full Tilt Poker and other top internet US poker sites have faced a shut down.

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A spokesperson for the Department for Culture, Media & Sport said, “This highlights why the government is looking at reforming how overseas-based operators are regulated and we hope to make an announcement in the next few weeks”.

These events triggered a series of other events and actions from several people of the top order in the government, and they decided to reform and bring about a change in internet gambling and its rules so that the people do not suffer ever again. This threw up a bunch of ethical and logical questions regarding these decisions that had to be taken. After a long standing debate, the government has recently come to conclude its consultation on internet gambling.

So far, internet gambling was basically run without a rule book so to speak, since companies could advertise and operate without being licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, since the strength of the overseas regulators was overpowering enough to keep them down.

The top three internet poker sites as well as a string of other sites that underwent a shut down since Black Friday have been charged with several crimes including money laundering and bank fraud. They have also ignored the rules and regulations of the legislation passed in 2006 that makes it illegal for payment processors in the US to carry out any kind of transactions with offshore gambling sites.

The indictments stated that these sites have been transacting with the payment processors by faking their identity in order to stay under the radar and hence they were seen as retail transactions of costly merchandise.

Most of these sites have since been unavailable to comment on the matter, but all of them have denied any wrong doing, and yet they face these charges. The Chief Executive of the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, Steven Brennan, was questioned regarding the kind of tests they monitor in order to provide licenses and he said, “The GSC thoroughly checks and vets every director and key official of any online gaming company … It has the authority, and has used it, to turn down any company where it feels the company or the owners could bring the island into disrepute”. This is where PokerStars is licensed from.

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