The Guardian has reported that the British Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt is looking forward to make the regulations stricter in terms of online gambling laws in the UK. Focus will now be on the regulation of offshore companies who are looking to rope in UK players in an effort to prevent a Black Friday event occurring to British players. The report states that this attempt is a result of the events which took place in the US, which included the shutdown of three of the largest poker players in the market. The Ministry has informed the Guardian that an announcement may be on its way in the next few weeks.

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Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars are a few of the biggest and the most famous online poker portals in the UK too. In the last few years, several million pounds have been spent by the sites in the British media. PokerStars has its license in the Isle of Man and Full Tilt in Alderney. Both these jurisdictions are also targeted by a number of online gambling sites from the UK.

However, PokerStars has managed to ease out the problem in the US in a better way. The Company is repaying all the US players and is also managing to continue its business in other parts of the world. Full Tilt on the other hand has been showing difficulty in repaying the players and is now looking for new partners to be bailed out.

Although, the reforms mentioned by Hunt has very little to do with Black Friday. Seems like the Minister is making sure that the United Kingdom Exchequer gets its share. Plans of restricting the advertising of offshore companies and protecting the UK players in a better way are also in the pipeline. In the existing gambling act, foreign companies can advertise and function without having a license by the UK Gambling Commission if they are licensed by jurisdictions on a declared white list. Many of these jurisdictions are satiated in the European Union. The UK Gambling Commission is depending on the support and the integrity of the licensed permitted overseas regulators.

One of the most straightforward regulators is the Isle of Man and Steven Brennan, Chief Executive of the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission said to the Guardian, “The GSC thoroughly checks and vets every director and key official of any online gaming company. It has the authority, and has used it, to turn down any company where it feels the company or the owners could bring the island into disrepute.”

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