The United States government is now becoming famous for making major decisions that can also be called contradictory. Just like they banned gin but not vodka during the prohibition, they are now trying to remove internet poker by using an unconstitutional UIGEA.

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Betting on horse races is allowed although it can be rigged, but betting on a poker hands is not, although it is a skill-based game. And hence, instead of collecting several dollars in tax revenue on the $30 billion that is bet by American players on online poker sites provided by offshore poker companies, the US government is investing more tax dollars into shutting down these games.

Using the UIGEA, 2006, which states that financial institutions are not allowed to make transactions while dealing with companies offering gambling, the feds are looking to convict the accused and get forfeitures of some $3 billion, at a single court case, instead of taking in tax revenues for years to come. Tax revenues could be used to strengthen the weak government finances in individual states. The government is gambling just to win $3 billion by spending millions of dollars to build cases against the accused.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in the United States makes some online gambling legal and some illegal. And on this account Absolute Poker is appealing to the WTO, which once voted against the United States and took action.

If the UIGEA is to help limit internet poker, then lawmakers have to consider regulating internet poker since it is a skill based game and cannot be rigged. Online safeguards can be used to prevent underage players and using warning screen for problem gamblers. There can be an alternative way set up to process funds for online gambling which does not violate the UIGEA.

It has been noted that PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker took in revenue of about $1.4 billion in the United States. The government is refusing to use a proven model of money making that works in other countries and is trying to introduce a way to moralise the financial system although the tax payers are interested in playing the game.

People might look at going to the United States Supreme Court with their appeal, since the government is clearly overlooking the choice made by tax payers. It is their money at risk and they are fully aware of the consequences and the US government is working against the rights of those American citizens who would choose to play internet poker. They are also letting other countries make profits from American players.

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