Party Poker player Ugga_chak dominated the July 6th and emerged a rare outright winner from the 1,372 entrant wide field. Here is the rest of the top ten:

1. Ugga_Chak – $60,000 USD
2. ChipReloader – $33,000 USD
3. wernitschg – $20,700 USD
4. rsanco – $16,350 USD
5. AceTorpedo – $13,800 USD
6. Kaliningrad4 – $10,350 USD
7. Winst999 – $7,950 USD
8. jdshane – $5,250 USD
9. Lucky_Lasse – $4,050 USD
10. def_1eppard – $2,850 USD

Ugga_Chak’s $60,000 first prize represents the first outright victory in the Party Poker 300K No Limit Hold'em Tournament in more than 2 months. A feat made all the more remarkable by the majority of players at the final table’s collective willingness to make a deal: Entering the final table, the field was already split 5 to 5 on deal making – with eight players remaining the field stood in favor of making a deal at a 6 to 2 majority. At 4 players remaining, dealmaking mode was officially initiated. Yet eventual 3rd place winning wernitschg nixed any deal in an effort which ultimately spelled out an additional $13,000 in winnings for Ugga_Chak and cost werntschg almost $3,000. For a full recap of the final table follow this link:

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