Canadian-poker, which is accessible at, has reported an Ultimate Bet (UB) proposal of a plan to refund ex UB players who have been unable to access their UB poker funds ever since the Black Friday of online poker, the day on which the US federal government cracked down on major online poker sites including UB, seized their domain names, and booked their executive officers on multiple counts of money laundering, bank fraud, and illegal gambling.

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UB proposes to liquidate assets that belong to its parent company to raise the funds required to pay back ex US poker players who had made deposits just before the DoJ shut down the site. However, concerned American authorities need to approve this plan before it can be implemented.

Leon Daniels, the spokesperson for Canadian-poker, said: “Online poker players have learned to be skeptical since the events of Black Friday in April, and they have every right to be. Even if PokerStars had enough cash on hand to repay players, other shutdown sites such as Full Tilt Poker and Ultimate Bet have failed their players so far. PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Ultimate Bet still have serious legal issues to resolve and the FBI on their case, and as a result, our readers are looking for companies which they know they can trust, and highlight established institutes such as 888 Poker and Party Poker.”

According to Daniels and Canadian-poker, one of the most trustworthy and reliable online poker rooms in the US is 888 Poker, which Canadian online poker fans love and rate above all other online poker brands in Canada. Daniels said: “Players appreciate the transparency with which the company operates, its accountability to stockholders and the public, and the stability of their bankrolls — in addition to the newly updated platform and poker game selection.”

Canadian-poker also considers Party Poker as a top online poker site for Canadian poker players. Admitting that Party Poker is less innovative than other favorites, Daniels said that Party Poker has already established its share of the Canadian online poker market and has proved to be stable over the years. Since Party Poker has already established its ability to stay within the limits of the law, it is the best choice for Canadian players, opined Daniels.

Daniels also opined that UB is too late in developing a plan to refund its players, who have already migrated to other online poker rooms.

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