Problem gambling has been one of the biggest issues that U.S casino operators have had to deal with during the last decade as there has been an increase in the growth of gambling addictions. Every casino operator whether land based or online is expected to follow a responsible gambling policy that is expected to significantly reduce the rise in problem gambling.
The American Gaming Association (AGA) recently released a new responsible gambling code of conduct and has asked all its member casinos to prepare to comply with the new policies. In the U.S, the first week of August has been labeled by the industry as Responsible Gaming Education Week and the AGA released its new code to ensure that land based and online casinos continue to raise their standards on responsible gambling.
The president of the AGA, Geoff Freeman was at Atlantic City earlier this week to highlight some of the actions that the AGA had taken to contribute to responsible gambling in the U.S. Freeman stated the new code of conduct from the AGA was a lot more specific and deliberate when compared to the existing code of conduct.
David Rebuck, the director of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) said that there are a number of gamblers who have a serious addiction, out of control and need serious help. The new AGA code of conduct will train casino operators and teach them how to identify these problem gamblers and then get them the help they need.
Freeman went on to say that instead of waiting for gaming regulators to tighten the screws, impose new regulations and then play catch-up, the AGA decided to take the initiative and come out with its own specific code of conduct that will be greatly beneficial to problem gamblers. The new code of conduct encourages casino operators to increase their efforts to curb problem gambling, adapt innovative technologies and be responsible for the online gaming environment they create for their players.
We take a look at some of the key areas that the new AGA code of conduct focuses on:
Unattended Minors and Underage Gamblers
There are a number of individuals below 18 years of age who have been allowed access to the gambling floor because casino employees were not diligent enough to stop them. The AGA will get its casino members to train their staff appropriately to scout gaming floors and help identify and remove underage gamblers as well as unattended minors.
They will also be tasked with the responsibility of ensuring no alcohol or tobacco related products are served to minors. Online gambling operators will also have to make it a lot more clearer, that only adults are permitted to access their online casino offerings.
 Serve Alcohol More Responsibly
Many players have alleged in the past that the casino often supplies them with a free flow of booze or at times continue to serve them liquor even though the staff realize that they have had more than enough. Players say that this is part of the house’s strategy to get them inebriated so that they are not fully aware of what is going on at the gambling table and start to lose to the house. The new code of conduct will prevent staff from doing this and they will also now have to stop a visibly intoxicated gambler from accessing the casino floor.
To Advertise Responsibly
Casino operators who advertise will now have to include a responsible gaming message along with a toll free helpline in their advertisements. They will not be allowed to make any false claims and must never include any celebrity endorsement, image or language that will appeal to a minor audience.
They are also not allowed to run advertisements on any media channels that have minors as their primary audience. Casino advertisements will also have to ensure that they comply fully with both federal and state regulations.
Employees Pledge
The AGA has pledged to provide its employees with specialized training to help them prepare and deal better with the issue of problem gambling. Casino operators will ensure that their employees go through periodic and annual responsible gaming training and provide them with the latest updates regarding new research and ideas that should be implemented in the casino’s responsible gaming programs.

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