Ultimate Poker, the first licensed and regulated online poker room in the US, has also become the first US online poker room to part ways with its sponsored professional poker players. Last week, Tom Marchese and Randy Dorfman, both members of Team U, stated that they are going to part ways with Ultimate Poker.

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Ultimate Poker, a brand belonging to the Nevada based Station Casinos, signed a sponsorship deal with Randy Dorfman in June 2013. The online poker room also signed similar deals with poker pros Dan O’Brien, Gavin Griffin, Phil Collins, and Lauren Kling at around the same time. Dorfman, who has earned more than $1.4 million playing live poker in the course of his career, regularly played high-stakes poker at Ultimate Poker. But now it looks as if he was not that happy about his relationship with the online poker room.

In a message posted on his Facebook wall, Dorfman says: “I have resigned from Ultimate Poker as their Team Pro. At this point in my life there are more important and creative things for me to be involved with. To have your ideas and experiences from the game I love fall on deaf years while you bust your ass to build a game for a new company just was extremely frustrating to me. I wish UP all the best and I hope things do turn around for them. I met some great people there and hopefully the chemistry between all involved gets straighten out soon.”

Although Ultimate Poker has not made any official statement about Dorfman leaving the site, the poker pro has divulged that Tom Marchese, another professional poker player who had recently signed a sponsorship deal with the site, has also left.

Last month, Ultimate Poker had announced that it had signed a sponsorship deal with Marchese. Those who visit Ultimate Poker’s Team U page will not find photos of Marchese and Dorfman there, but Marchese’s Team U bio is still available. Marchese has earned over $4 million playing live poker tournaments all over the world.

It is worth noting that the photos of Gavin Griffin, who was among the first to join Team U, are also no longer available at the site.

Ultimate Poker had recently launched the second version of its online poker software platform along with a brand new VIP scheme. The online poker room has also experienced a 30 percent increase in player traffic.

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