The 2010 World Series of Poker is down to two players, Jonathan Duhamel and John Racener. They will be squaring off for the title of World Champion, the Main Event gold bracelet and the First Place prize, valued at $8.9 million, in what is currently the second largest prize pool in history, a total prize pool of over $68 million.
John Racener, in Seat 1, currently holding approximately 30 million in chips, will face Jonathan Duhamel, from Canada, who currently holds 188 million in chips and has an overwhelming chip lead of over 6-1. Heads up action begins at 8 P.M. PT on Monday, November 8, 2010 at the Rio’s Penn & Teller Theater in Las Vegas.
Going into the final table, the chip rankings were as follows:
Player Name Chip Count

Player Name Chip Count
1 Jonathan Duhamel 65,975,000
2 John Dolan 46,250,000
3 Joseph Cheong 23,525,000
4 John Racener 19,050,000
5 Matt Jarvis 16,700,000
6 Filippo Candio 16,400,000
7 Michael Mizrachi 14,450,000
8 Soi Nguyen 9,650,000
9 Jason Senti 7,625,000

Soi Nguyen was the first to exit when his AK went up against Jason Senti’s pocket Queens.  Senti found a third queen on the flop for the win. His exit in 9th place earned him just over $ 800,000.
Michael Mizrachi fired the next shot in what turned out to be a very exciting board. Mizrachi all but cleared the table when his AQ suited diamonds flopped  a monster flop of Q -8- Q, against Matthew Jarvis, who held pocket 9’s. Things got very interesting when the turn revealed another  9, giving Jarvis the boat. A heartbreaking Ace on the river gave the pot back to Mizrachi, sending Jarvis home in 8th place, and $1,045,738 richer for his efforts.
Next to exit was Jason Senti, in similar fashion. Senti’s AK looked like the winning hand against Joseph Cheong’s pocket 10’s when the cards came up K-K- Q.   A Jack on the turn setup a dramatic finish as the river 9 gave Cheong the straight and Senti the exit pass. Senti finished in 7th and took home $1,356,708.
John Dolan was the next to exit, running his Q-5 suited against Jonathan Duhamel’s pocket 4’s.  Unable to fish a single out from the turn or the river, Dolan left in 6th place, carrying $1,772,939 with him.
In full meltdown fashion, Michael Mizrachi, who held the chiplead shortly after knocking Senti out, ended up crumbling in a series of ill-timed plays, doubling up John Racener and then Jonathan Duhamel a few hands later. His final fall came when Duhamel slowplayed pocket aces and drew Mizrachi out when he paired queens on the board. Mizrachi took the fifth spot and $2,332,960.
A few hands later, Filippo Candio pushed all in with K-Q suited, and was called by Joseph Cheong’s A-3 suited and the Ace gave Cheong the pot on the flop, sending Candio home in 4th place with just over $3,000,000 in cash.
Three handed play saw Joseph Cheong and Jonathan Duhamel at close to 5-1 over Racener, each holding nearly 100 million in chips against Racener’s 20 million. In a series of aggressive moves, Cheong eventually topped 100 million, battling Duhamel every step of the way. Racener, on the other hand, folded out, waiting for the big stacks to battle it out. About 25 hands into the three handed action, Cheong shoved all in with A-7 and Duhamel called with pocket Q’s.   His queens held and Cheong was reduced to 10 million, finally going out a few hands later, taking home $4,129,979 for his third place finish.
It is definitely going to require a good stroke of fortune for Racener to mount a comeback, down 6-1 going into head’s-up action tonight, but he has a plan.
“I’m just going to go in there and be patient and play my game,” John Racener said. “I have like 20 big blinds which is comfortable for me. My goal is to get to like 50 or 60 million and I think we could play a good match and I can make a run at champion.”

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