Twister Poker, the iPoker Network’s new poker lottery game, can now be played at various skins on the network, including those in its top tier.

Twister Poker combines a lotto payout structure with a super turbo 3-man SnG format. A first-place prize, ranging from 2 to 1000 times the buy-in amount, is randomly assigned to each game of Twister Poker.

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Everest Poker, an online poker room in the top tier of the iPoker Network, and its sister site Betclic were the first to introduce Twister Poker on January 17, 2014. Later on January 20, Poker770, Pokerplex24, and Betfred introduced the game into their portfolios.

During the last two days, major online poker rooms William Hill Poker and Paddy Power Poker added support for Twister Poker in their poker gaming clients although they are yet to promote the variant on their websites.

Twister Poker bears a striking similarity to the Expresso games available on Winamax Poker. The payout structure, the player experience, and the tournament structure are identical. The lobbies are designed in a simple manner; players can neither select games nor observe the games in progress.

The credit of introducing lottery tournaments goes to PokerStars, the world’s biggest online poker room, which launched Golden SnG’s in the middle of 2013. The first online poker room to offer the lottery poker tournament format as a regular game was Winamax.

The online poker rooms charge a rake of less of than 7 percent for these games. The 1000x and 200x payouts can be won only around 0.005 percent of the time, and three players will win just double their buy-in amounts around 75 percent of the time.

Twister Poker is not the only new thing at the iPoker Network. The network has introduced a number of changes, such as a brand new lobby for cash games, which categorizes gaming tables according to buy-in and type of game. Players can choose three types of table views—group view, combined view, and list view. In the group view, the tables are grouped as per game type and players only have to hit the Play Now option to grab a seat. The combined view allows players to get a group view and a list view, along with selected table properties. The list view is the older format.

Players can also turn off pop-up messages during poker tournaments and use new options to control notifications related to registration, dropout, and unregistration.

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