Jesse Hollander, the Director of Poker Operations at bestbet Jacksonville and bestbet Orange Park recently opened up about his efforts in running two successful poker rooms in Flordia. In an interview with PokerNews, Hollander opened up about his poker career and the bestbet poker strategy in Florida.

Hollander has been involved with poker for about twenty-five years and is currently handling all aspects of daily operations at the two bestbet venues that are under his supervision. The poker veteran was hired by bestbet after the gaming laws changed in Florida in 2010 allowing uncapped buy-ins and betting. Hollander was selected by bestbet as he was seen as the person capable of taking the company to the next level. The bestbet Jacksonville venue is currently a hotspot for poker players and holds marketing campaigns like “Poker 101” to attract new players.

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In a statement, Hollander said this about bestbet Jacksonville, “I think my experience and that of the entire management team has helped make the Jacksonville poker rooms a great place to play. Players know they will receive fair rulings in a comfortable environment, the dealers are competent, and the general camaraderie gives both bestbet locations a welcome feeling.” The Jacksonville venue of bestbet also has the largest poker room in Florida.

Tournaments like the World Poker Tour (WTP) and  Mid-State Poker Tour (MSPT) are high profile live streamed and televised campaigns that feature some of the most famous names in poker. Hollander is proud of bestbet Jacksonville for hosting tournaments like the WPT 2015 edition. He believes that high profile tournaments like the ones mentioned attract new players from around the country to Florida.

Hollander also thinks that such high profile tournaments allow local Florida players to play with some of the finest poker players in the world which is a good thing for Poker. Hollander also likes hosting high profile tournaments as it allows him to meet up with old friends and acquaintances and he has plans to host many more high profile tournaments in 2016 and beyond.

The bestbet venues under Hollander also have some special promotions like giving cash wins to not only the highest hand but also to everyone else dealt in that hand. There are other attractions at bestbet Jacksonville that according to Hollander makes the poker scene at Jacksonville very attractive.

Hollander believes that to be successful in the industry a poker operator need to make the environment as comfortable and entertaining as possible. One of the goals for the poker veteran is to win an Annual American Poker Award before he retires.

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