The Hendon Mob (THM) has now become a massive database for both live and online tournament results. In August 2020, it announced that it would include real-name online results in response to player feedback. Over the years, there had been calls for the website to also cover online stats so it would become a one-stop destination for players and fans searching for poker tournament results and rankings.
THM is considered the biggest and most reliable source of comprehensive results from the live poker scene, with its online counterpart being The popular online poker forum and community founded by industry legend Lance Bradley will help THM in obtaining the latest results from the virtual felts.
Redundant Move
The website currently lists online results with a blue “international” flag, but they appear under the same list as the live results. While the move has generally received a warm welcome from the poker community, some are not very impressed, including industry reporter and World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner Chad Holloway.
The Wisconsin native, who has been covering live tournaments, thinks The Hendon Mob should just stick to its current tagline, “The Largest Live Poker Database”. already lists online results anyway, so that makes it quite a redundant task for THM.
Live & Online Results Should Be Shown Separately
Holloway said THM actually has the option to attach a player’s PocketFives online ranking to his or her Hendon profile so everyone would have an idea of that player’s performance at the virtual felts.
That’s something both websites can agree on, given that their existing partnership permits players to link their accounts on both platforms. For example, Hendon Mob can include the players’ 10 most recent online cashes along with a link to their respective PocketFives profile, and vice versa.  The procedure for this is fairly easy, and will remove the need for THM to cover online results.
Holloway also thinks that if THM pushes through with the changes, they can at least create a separate page for online results and not mix them up with the live results as it only makes it more complicated for players. Holloway said he doesn’t have any issue with the site adding online scores, but it must be done in a separate database to avoid confusion.
He also suggests adding a specific button or feature that will enable fans and players to see live and online results separately or combined together in one click. While this will require quite a lot of time to develop, Holloway thinks it will be worth it. Until such time that this can be implemented, live and online results should be made available in separate databases.
He doesn’t want to be all too negative and so he expressed his appreciation at THM’s effort to add a special badge on the profiles of the winners of the WSOP Online Bracelet Series.
Unprecedented Times Call For Unprecedented Measures
Holloway has made some very sensible points, but the current situation has forced businesses to introduce unprecedented changes to their operations, and THM is no exception.
They’ve been covering live poker happenings since 2000, but the COVID-19 pandemic led to lockdown measures, leading to closures of casinos, poker rooms, and major venues across the globe. This left THM with nothing to report on given that live poker events and mass gatherings are still essentially prohibited, and this could potentially continue until early 2021.
With major live festivals such as the WSOP and WPT now being moved online, players would be happy to have their results added to the THM database even if the events are held at the virtual felts. Some events require real names anyway so it makes a lot of sense to add them to the list. Covering online tournament results will enable THM to continue operating and keep pace with the changing times, something that can be considered a positive development for any business entity.

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