TonyBet has been ringing in the changes during the last twelve months in an effort to be a bigger force in the online gambling industry and its latest strategy to introduce Bitcoin payments appear to be paying off. The company decided to partner with SpectroCoin, an e-wallet company that offers Bitcoin services.

This has enabled TonyBet to offer its player another option to deposit and withdraw money using Bitcoins. Bitcoin is a digital currency that is considered to be the number one digital currency and one Bitcoin is currently valued at around $575. The digital currency has been around for a few years but most players have been a bit reluctant to trade in Bitcoins due to the massive fluctuations with the currency. The digital currency fluctuated between $600 to $1000 during Dec 2013 and Jan 2014 and then dropped to $200-$300 during March 2015. Bitcoin was the first digital currency to be de-centralized.

However during the last twelve months, there online gambling community have been more open to using Bitcoins and Asian gamblers have preferred the digital currency. TonyBet has implemented SpectroCoin’s all-in-one Bitcoin solution that enables the website to offer its players a wide range of Bitcoin options.

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TonyBet differs from other online gambling websites in its use of the Bitcoin technology as it converts Bitcoins into normal currencies while the game is in play. The company had witnessed an increase in new customers from the Asian continent after it introduced Bitcoin payments.

TonyBet representative, Warren Lush said that the company was always on the lookout to implement the latest in digital technology and the introduction of Bitcoins has helped the Asian market to find a reliable way to make deposits and withdrawals as this market segment generally faced problems with payment processing. Lush also highlighted that apart from bringing in new customers, Bitcoins also provided TonyBet with a number of other advantages.

In a statement, Lush said “Another advantage of using Bitcoin for online gaming is that users can also speculate the exchange rates and earn extra. The fast and easy deposit and withdrawal process makes this an even more attractive feature. What’s more is that partnering up with SpectroCoin we not only opened our online sportsbook, casino and poker site to those who wanted to use their digital currency for online gambling, but also encouraged customers to exploit the advantages of using Bitcoin.”

TightPoker Staff

TightPoker Staff