TonyBet Poker, which has been spending the past several months developing and testing its first Open Face Chinese (OFC) Poker app for Android devices, has finally launched its product.

TonyBet Poker has an OFC Poker app for iOS, but it requires Apple’s approval before it can be used on iOS devices. Currently, users of Android devices can play OFC Poker while on the move. Players can download the app, which is compatible with Android smartphones and Android tablets version 2.2 and higher, free of charge at the Google Play Store.

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TonyBet Poker bears the credit of being the first online poker room to launch an OFC Poker Android app for real money. Playing OFC Poker on mobile is the same as playing it online at TonyBet Poker; the experience is just as fabulous.

The app includes all the OFC Poker variants at TonyBet Poker, including Turbo, Classic, and Pineapple variants of OFC Poker. It also gives Android players complete access to tournaments, single-game tournaments, and cash tables with €0.02/€5 stake limits.

TonyBet Poker has taken the pains to ensure that players will enjoy the smoothest gambling experience possible. TonyBet’s new short-stack tables are also available on mobile, giving players the opportunity to play high-stakes OFC Poker. Short-stack tables allow players to play at high-stakes tables with just half the required buy-in.

The new OFC Poker app for Android also gives players complete access to a wide range of SnG tournaments with buy-ins that range from €0.50 to €10.

Tony G., the founder owner of TonyBet Poker, said: “I can’t help to brag about how great things are going for TonyBet Poker. It’s only been two months and we’re counting players by thousands. That’s simply amazing for the site which is still in beta, is not a part of any poker network and has only Open Face Chinese Poker.”

He further said: “I had a dream of making an online poker revolution with this and I can already see it coming true. And the great news is—it’s only a start.

OFC Poker is becoming immensely popular. Players who have never heard of it, but want to know why more and more poker players are going crazy about TonyBet Poker, OFC Poker, and the newly launched OFC Poker app for Android only have to download the app or sign up at TonyBet Poker. Alternatively, they can like TonyBet Poker on Facebook or follow it on Twitter.

TightPoker Staff

TightPoker Staff