TonyBet Poker, the largest Open Face Chinese Poker site, has launched a new variant of OFC. A variant of Pineapple OFC, an immensely popular variant at TonyBet Poker, this new game requires players to play mid hands in the Kansas City lowball style. Unlike other OFC games, players have to place their lowest hand in the middle in order to win.

A representative of TonyBet Poker said: “It’s actually very exciting. The game is fun, intriguing, and unpredictable. It’s very different from the regular Pineapple: when you play it, you need to turn some switches in your head and adapt it to a different game mode.”

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Currently, TonyBet Poker offers Deuce to Seven Pineapple OFC poker games with limits ranging from €0.02 to €25.00 per point. Players can play this game at the heads-up cash game tables as well as the three-handed tables.

TonyBet Poker plans to launch newer variants of OFC later this year. The poker site’s representative said that the OFC online poker room has plenty of surprises up its sleeve, adding that the Deuce to Seven Pineapple OFC game is just the beginning.

The representative said: “This is why both we and our players love Open Face Chinese. The game is very different from all the other poker games, and the best thing is that you can juggle with it by adding new features and inventing new variations. It feels like the game is alive and constantly evolving into something absolutely new and even more exciting.”

Jennifer Shahade, winner of the TonyBet OFC Poker World Championship High Roller Tournament, said that TonyBet needs to supply newer variants of the game to maintain its popularity level. Speaking about her love for the game, she said that she plays it all the time. Regarding the game’s popularity, she said that players are beginning to notice it, but it can be popularized further only by launcher newer formats and game variants.

Agreeing with Shahade, a TonyBet representative said that the OFC concept now requires innovations and better features and that TonyBet Poker is willing to take up this challenge.

Expressing his opinion of Deuce to Seven Pineapple OFC Poker, he said that the game is great fun and has already obtained a large number of fans despite the fact that it is brand new. He also promised that TonyBet will launch more games soon in a bid to provide the ultimate online OFC gaming experience.

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