Full Tilt Poker has been under pressure for a long time now and according to recent reports, the poker players seem to have started questioning the AGCC as well. Professional poker player Antanas Guoga also known as Tony G has pointed out many flaws with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

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According to Tony G, the AGCC has let Full Tilt function on a normal basis even after it found out that there were problems with the site. As a result, Full Tilt is stuck with compounded problems now. Tony G stated that “The AGCC had an obligation to those players and people, they are there to protect the young and the vulnerable and in my opinion they have failed to do that.” Contradicting him, the AGCC has stated that they acted as fast as they could.

When the AGCC suspended the licenses for the Full Tilt Poker’s site operations in June mnay people felt that it had come too late – as it happened sixty days after the Black Friday indictments. Full Tilt Poker did not pay its players in time and had defaulted on paying fees for the licenses. Later, the AGCC suspended the licenses in accordance with the same. As time passed by, Full Tilt Poker was the only site that was struggling to pay its players and hence it was accused of running a “ponzi scheme”.

The executive director of the AGCC, Andre Wilsenach, has stated that the commission does everything within its power to protect the players. “We do have an obligation to protect players and we do so by keeping the industry free of crime to ensure the games the players play are fair, as far as players’ funds go, we have never set ourselves up to underwrite these funds – no regulator in the world does that.”

He also stated that “The problem is that if an operator wants to deceive you deliberately, he may be able to do so and may well succeed to do so for some time,” and that is what FTP did. This slowed down the investigation process since FTP was able to cover its tracks for a while according to the AGCC.

Andre Wilsenach stated that,” We believed it was best to get rid of them as we didn’t think they were suitable to hold a license anymore.” The AGCC is willing to do all that is necessary to improve the current plight of the players.

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