Playtech-owned Titan Poker is making efforts to boost the quality of their website by increasing their monthly investments to an astonishing $16 million per month. Such a large increase in funds being directed towards tournament play will create more and better paying tournaments than ever before.

This is not the first investment that Titan has made in the last year. Several months ago Titan guaranteed $10 million a month in tournament prize pools. Quickly following this already generous offer, they increased the guaranteed tournament system to a hefty $12.5 million a month.

Such large investments do not come without the hope of a significant return. The company must be confident that by providing these generous freerolls every month, they will increase their clientele base as well as generate more participation from existing members.

The company has already seen a steady stream of entrants in the company’s tournaments due to the enticing prize pools that they are offering. A strong poker player would merely need to place in the top ten of a few tournaments a month to generate a suitable income to live off of. Titan is also currently offering an array of diverse games and promotions that include satellite tournaments that offer a variety of prizes including a sponsored seat to their major land competitions.

A Titan spokesman recently said, “We are constantly seeking new ways to offer our players more chances to play and even bigger prizes to win.”

Perhaps the company is also trying to glimpse into the future at this juncture. The UIGEA is losing steam and there is a significant movement from within the US Congress to reverse, or at the very least tame, the discriminatory legislation. If the UIGEA is reversed, Titan will already be at the top of the field and will see an explosion in revenue. It appears that they are using a mixed strategy of increasing their current productivity and investing in the future. Their formula has already suited them well but the future will determine just how wise the increased investment really is.

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