Titan Poker might not be the most well known or the longest running poker room in the online world, but it has managed to create a niche for itself and carve a space out in the crowd. Titan Poker has finally completed six years as an online poker website and those six years have been extremely successful according to the management.

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Titan Poker offers a great many regular choices to players on a regular basis, and these choices are based on the best of offers that they have documented and come across in online poker rooms. Titan Poker is powered by Playtech software and it is very obvious that they have an extremely powerful interface based on this software. Titan Poker’s website is stable, user-friendly and easy to navigate and is spectacular when it comes to the interface and design.

Titan Poker’s offers have always been ones to welcome, and hence players who play for big prizes always play at Titan Poker. This website never falters even though there are several players logged onto it during peak hours. Titan Poker offers its players many different games and playing strategies that makes their experience simpler and fun. Titan Poker players have different tournaments and challenges that they can take part in all the time and hence they will never get bored at this site. It offers the best of bonuses and during this 6th year anniversary they have decided to increase these offers.

The $6000 Anniversary Freeroll will be taking place on the 6th of October and players will be able to play at this event once they have 60 or above Titan Points based on the games they have played previously. There is another offer called the Mystery Week Giveaway Poker Promotion that is exactly what it sounds like! Players need to register and say that they want to take part in this even for the same. Another promotion, the Heads-Up Championship will also be held during this time, and players will be able to take part in 24-hour races to win. The top eight players will be given a nice $7500 prize.

Titan Poker has always offered the best of choices and is continuing to do the same, while they focus on creating unique promotions for their anniversary. Players will welcome this opportunity to play new kinds of games and have more fun.

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