Lana O. of Party Poker NJ has shared a few tips for players who want to play live poker tournaments better, especially now that the Borgata is organizing a live poker event called Deep Stacks Challenge. The event presents an excellent opportunity for players to hone their skills as it is live, owing to which the pot will not be automatically calculated and no beeps will alert players that it is now their turn to play.

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In the first place, players of live poker tournaments have to observe opponents carefully as their behavior can reveal loads of information about the strength of their hands. They also have to keep track of everybody’s moves so that they do not miss any lucrative opportunities. Since there is no software to automatically calculate the pot, players have to do this on their own as it will help them make correct betting decisions. Making friends is also of great importance at a live poker tournament as one has to be in the company of one’s opponents for several hours.

Lana O. also shares a “big chip rule,” which alerts players to the importance of saying “raise.” If they fail to do so, their “raise” will be considered to be a “call.” If players announce their intention to raise, they must put all their chips into the pot in one action. To avoid confusion, they can even mention the value of the “raise.”

PartyPoker NJ is running a number of freerolls for the benefit of online poker fans in New Jersey. Players do not have to buy-in to these tournaments, but they need to input a few passwords. Once they have got the password, they must log into their PartyPoker NJ accounts and register for that day’s freerolls with the password. PartyPoker has promised to publish a new password every week.

The players who finish in the top ten positions will receive free seats to a poker tournament. The password for the freeroll to be held on May 18, Sunday, 7:00 p.m. EST is “NJcomStraight.” The winners of the freerolls, which will be held this month, will get free seats to a $1000 guaranteed Daily Hyper Turbo Re-buy tournament with add-on features. PartyPoker NJ promises to increase the quality and number of prizes when its freerolls promotion gains more popularity.

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