As the new management of the Party Poker Strategy Guide, we have taken it upon ourselves to show that there is much goodwill that can come out of the game of poker. Attempting to follow in the footsteps of the famous poker player, Barry Greenstein, the Party Poker Strategy Guide has partnered to donate a shipment of poker chips to the US soldiers overseas in Iraq.

While recognise that while not all sentiment toward the conflict is the same, especially in varying parts of the globe, that supporting America's troops is still a honorable act in our view and one that we would like to take part of. We decided to work with Screaming Eagle Poker to arrange the donation, as they hold free, weekly no limit hold'em poker tournaments for the soldiers stationed in Iraq. SEP is a great organization that looks after the troops by boosting morale and making the troops feel a little more at home in a distant land. We can only hope that America's troops come home both timely and safely, as well as a diplomatic solution in the Middle East.

Other Charitable Causes and Poker

In addition to our contributions to the American troops, the Party Poker Strategy Guide is committed to making a number of donations to other charitable causes in the name of poker. Our creative team is currently thinking of ways to host a charity poker tournament or other online event to help raise funds for special causes. If you have good ideas or suggestions on honorable causes, please let us know and we will take your reply in kind.

For anyone that is wondering why the Party Poker Strategy Guide is sponsoring and donating to charities, part of our agreement for operating was to assist and volunteer ourselves to helping honorable causes as management of this new site. While our main focus is admittedly on bringing more content, experts and poker information, we do take on this task with diligence beyond that which is required. I personally think it is an admiral suggestion for each individual to help when possible, so we are glad to be combined in our efforts to benefit the greater good. This may sound silly for a poker site, but to judge on looking silly would be the ironic thing indeed. Cheers!

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