A resident of Tiffin was recently sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for barging into a poker game, terrorizing players, and stealing poker cash. His accomplice, who had pleaded not guilty, will have to face trial in March 2011. He too stands accused of brandishing a gun and terrifying a group of 10 poker players into parting with their winnings.
Al Elchert, who was the host of the poker game held on that day, admitted that he has hosted poker games in his basement for the past 50 years and had never been robbed in the past. He added that they never even locked the doors because it never occurred to them that they might be robbed. Al Elchert’s basement poker games are widely held to be great fun. However, the players hardly had any fun one evening in August 2010 when a couple of masked men barged into Elchert’s house in Fairfield, Tiffin. One of them was holding a pistol and the other was brandishing a shotgun, explained Elchert. The game, as usual, was being played in the basement.
The masked men flung a sack at the players and ordered them to put their money in it. Six of the players put as much money as they could get their hands on into the sack. The burglars, who were obviously as terrified as their victims, did not even wait for the other four to put in their share. They grabbed the sack and began running out of the place and even dropped $125 in the process.
Ultimately, the Tiffin Police nabbed the culprits. Christopher Ferstler, aged 21, one of the burglars, admitted that he was guilty of kidnapping, robbery, and burglary. Accordingly, he was sentenced to 10 years. Quite satisfied about it, Elchert said that he held the players at gun point and forced them to part with their money, owing to which he deserved the sentence. The court has also made Ferstler pay back the $480 he stole from the poker players in August.
Xavior Purnell, aged 24, also stands accused of burglary. Elchert said that he had participated in the basement poker game twice that day. He had won his first poker game, lost a second one, and appeared a third time in a mask and brandishing a pistol, Elchert said. Purnell will face trial in a couple of months although he pleads not guilty.
Meanwhile, Elchert plans to continue playing poker at a friend’s house.

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