Pot-limit Omaha (PLO) is a poker game that has become increasingly popular over the years because of its high action potential, and the massive pots it generates, way much bigger than no-limit hold’em.
PLO Basics
PLO also differs from hold’em in a number of ways: First, the game begins with four hole cards rather than two. Players use two of these hole cards, paired with three of the community cards to make the best hand possible. The preflop equities in PLO also run much closer compared to that in hold’em, allowing for more hands to be played, more flops, and less predictability. This results in greater pots, as the majority of the chips usually go into the pot after the flop.
Unlike hold’em where players often focus on bluffing and reading their opponents in order to win, in PLO tournaments you need to work on your analytical skills and should be able to prepare yourself for different possibilities. Most of the time, winning or losing a huge pot feels like doing a coin flip.
PLO has been around for quite a long time now, with some major cash game pots being played online. Full Tilt Poker, one of the most successful online poker sites prior to Black Friday, played host to the biggest ever PLO cash game pots in history.
The largest online cash game pot was won by Finnish poker pro Patrick Antonius to the tune of just over $1.3 million, against Swedish online poker player Viktor Blom. Blom achieved massive success in online poker by competing in $500/$1000 games against some of the biggest names in poker, such as Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey and Antonius. In fact, Blom played in the five biggest largest pots at Full Tilt Poker. Let’s relive the action below:
Largest Pot: Antonius vs Blom ($1.3 Million)
Antonius faced Viktor Blom back in an outstanding $500/$1,000 PLO combat in November 2009. The pre-flop bets saw Blom opening for $3,000, Antonius three-betting to $9,000, Blom four-betting to $27,000, and then Antonius making it $81,000. Blom called.
After seeing a 5c4s2h flop, Antonius bet $91,000 with $162,000 already in the pot. Blom repotted to $435,000, and Antonius re-raised to $773,000. At this point, Blom moved went all in with his remaining stack worth $162,473 creating a massive $1,356,946 pot. Antonius was holding a high-five straight, while Blom had a higher straight draw. The 5h on the turn, and 9c on the river made Antonius’ victory official. He walked away with the largest online cash game pot ever.
Second Largest Pot: Blom Vs Ivey ($1.1 Million)
Just two days after losing that massive pot to Antonius, Blom quickly recovered and managed to win a seven-figure pot against Ivey.
The action began with Ivey opening to $3,000, Blom three-betting to $9,000 and Ivey re-raising to $27,000. Blom called Ivey’s bet. The flop was JcKcJd, and Ivey then bet $41,000 into the $54,000 already in the pot after the 10d turn. Blom raised to $177,000 which Ivey called.
When the 5d river came, Blom bet $408,000, prompting Ivey to call off his remaining $359,977 stack. Blom flopped a full house, capturing the $1,127,955 pot.
Third Largest: Antonius vs Blom ($800K)
Blom again lost to Antonius for the third largest online cash game pot in history. This took place on the same day that the largest pot was won by Antonius.
Blom kicked off the game by raising to $3,000, which Antonius called. With 5h7hQc on the flop, the Finnish player check-raised to $21,000 and Blom called. He then bet $48,000 with Ad on the turn. Blom responded by raising to $192,000, but Antonius fought back for $416,479 which Blom called.
Blom held AsKsQd10h against his Finnish opponent’s AhQc9s6h. Both players were bound for a split pot, until Antonius found 8d river to complete a straight. Antonius took home $878,959.
Blom and Ivey competed in the fourth and fifth largest online cash game pots, once again playing PLO, Both took place on the same day. Ivey scooped the first one ($832,940), while Blom triumphed in the second ($827,960).

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