Three of the best online poker rooms on the Merge Gaming Network have withdrawn from the network’s Poker Maximus III Tournament Series, causing a great deal of worry among online poker players.

The three skins are RPM Poker, Black Chip Poker, and Hero Poker. A representative for RPM Poker posted on Two Plus Two Forums that the online poker room has withdraw from the series. A few hours before the series was scheduled to begin, the RPM representative, posting under the moniker RPMSeth, said, “We truly apologize for the inconvenience this may cause some players, and we hope to have more information available in the near future.”

Merge Gaming Network had declared that the Poker Maximus III Tournament Series is “one of the most exciting online poker tournament series,” having a prize pool of over $1 million guaranteed. The series will be held for more than 11 days.

The Poker Maximus III Tournament Series began on Thursday and will continue till Dec 9. Three events will be held every day, and the buy-in will range from $11 to $530.

Meanwhile, the representatives of Black Chip Poker and Hero Poker made no comments about withdrawing from the series although their lobbies did not show any Poker Maximus III Tournament events. Moreover, the websites remained mum on the event.

On the other hand, Carbon Poker, one of the best skins on Merge Gaming Network, displayed the entire tournament schedule and even organized qualifier satellites with buy-ins as low as $1.95. The High Roller Main Event has the highest buy-in of $530.

Carbon Poker, Aced Poker, and PDC Poker are the largest online poker rooms on the Merge Gaming Network. Although there is no evidence to prove it, Hero Poker, RPM Poker, and Black Chip Poker are believed to be the top-tier rooms on this network. Each has done a good job marketing its poker product on online poker communities and forums.

Since Merge Gaming Network pulled its shutters on its player-to-player transfer services, Carbon, PDC, and Aced moved to a new cashier. Funding accounts has now become easier for US online poker players, who can expect faster payouts too although they still have to wait for anywhere between six and eight weeks.

One of the poker players on Two Plus Two commented to RPMSeth’s post, “What you should apologize for is the poor communication. People want answers to what is going on and no one from RPM will speak.”

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