I can’t help but be impressed with Full Tilt Poker lately. Yeah, I know, their customer support isn’t always the best (unless you don’t mind growing a beard while you wait for a useful e-mail response), but the powers that be over there have really been trying hard to make their customers happy.
In August, Full Tilt upgraded its software, adding extra security, introducing deal making functionality for tournaments, and creating new lobby options. At the same time, the “Biggest Bonus Ever” promotion was launched, giving players up to $600 in cash without requiring a deposit (I only got a $100 bonus…sigh). This month, Full Tilt Poker is handing out even more free money with the latest incarnation of its “Take 2” promotion.
I actually missed Take 2 the last time it was offered, as I was busy adjusting to life with a second child in the house, so when I read about the promotion this week, I did a double-take. Get it? Double-take! Take 2! Yup, I’m lame.
In this promotion, all you have to do is play on at least two ring game tables at the same time and earn one Full Tilt Point and Full Tilt will give you anywhere from $5 to $25.  It’s disgustingly easy.
If you can earn one point while two-tabling cash games in 5 of the days in September, you will receive $5. If you accomplish the feat in 10 days, you will get another $10, for a combined total of $15. Hit the mark for 15 days, and another $10 will be awarded. And if you do it in each of 25 days, Full Tilt will give you yet another $25, for a total of $50.
As an added bonus, all of those points you earn for the promotion will be doubled. If you would like to play more than two tables at once, that is fine, but Full Tilt will only double the points from the two highest earning tables. For example, if you earn 50 points at Table A, 100 points at Table B, and 150 points at Table C, you will see your Full Tilt Point balance grow by 550 points. Tables B and C were doubled, as they were the two highest earning tables, while Table A was counted just once.
Additionally, you will still receive double points for all of your tables if you play during Happy Hour. Thus, September has the chance to be a points bonanza if you play your cards right. Another play on words. Brilliant!
Before you go running off to play your two or more tables at Full Tilt, be sure to visit the Cashier first. This is because you must opt-in to the Take 2 promotion in order for your play to count. Just hit the My Promotions button in the Cashier and then click on the Take 2 icon on the web page that opens. The quick registration process that follows is self-explanatory. Once registered, you will be able to see a September calendar, similar to the Iron Man calendar, which will show you how many points you have earned each day (while multi-tabling cash games, of course) and how many days you have cleared for the promo.
One quick piece of advice: remember that the points you earn only count if you are actually playing on at least two tables simultaneously. It isn’t good enough to be playing on one while sitting out, perhaps waiting for the big blind, at the other. Thus, if you earn a few points at one table before you are dealt cards at a second table, keep in mind that those few points won’t count. But hey, you only need one point, so it shouldn’t be too big of a deal.
Now, I know there is a lot of Party Poker talk on this site, and if you just happened to find us via Google, chances are you entered the search term “Party Poker.” But hey, the Take 2 promo is such easy money that you really should take time out from playing at Party Poker for a few minutes (or even a few seconds – it’s that easy of a promo), crank up the Full Tilt software, and earn your free money. Better yet, play at both Party Poker and Full Tilt at the same time! It’s like a double Take 2! I know that a few days have already gone by in September, so you won’t have any days to spare if you are just starting the promotion, but if you have a handful of minutes each day, you should have no problem earning the entire fifty bucks.

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