If you are in the mood to nab some virtually free money, I highly recommend you logon to Full Tilt Poker this weekend.  No, it’s not one of those “free poker money” promotions that can be found around the internet (including here at Tight Poker).  As nice as those are, the money to be had at Full Tilt starting Saturday is easier to earn because the second largest online poker site in the world as brought back the “Take 2” promotion.
The last time Take 2 came around in September, it was a 25 day promo in which players could earn both double Full Tilt points for playing at two real money ring game tables at the same time and receive up to $50 in the process.  This time, the double points are still there, but the top cash prize is only $25 and it’s a little harder to earn.  But when I say a little harder, I mean still crazy easy.
Here’s how it works.  Starting at the stroke of midnight (Eastern time) on April 3rd and continuing through 11:59pm on April 11th, whenever you play on two simultaneous real money “standard” ring game tables, you will earn double Full Tilt points.  The “standard” qualification is there because this means any non-Rush Poker table.  If you want to play Rush Poker, you only need to play on one table.  Full Tilt will award your regular Full Tilt points as usual, while at the same time keeping a tally of the Take 2 bonus points.  Within an hour of being earned, these bonus points will hit your account.
If you like to multi-table and play more than two standard cash game tables at once, you will only receive Take 2 bonus points at the two tables where you have earned the most points.  To illustrate, say you tile four tables and at these tables you earn 10, 20, 30, and 40 points.  You would receive the Take 2 bonus points at the last two tables, as those were the highest points earners.  Therefore, you would get 70 bonus points (30 + 40) in addition to your usual 100 regular Full Tilt points for all four tables combined.  
Now for the free money.  If you earn at least five bonus points in each of five different days during the April 3rd through April 11th promotional period, Full Tilt Poker will credit your poker account with $5.  That’s not a bonus that needs to be earned through further play.  It’s cold, hard cash (well, as much as cash on a computer screen can be cold and hard).  Furthermore, if you earn at least five points every single day of the promotion, you will get another $20, for a total of $25.  The cash will hit your account after the Take 2 promo ends.  During the last Take 2 promotion, Full Tilt only required players to earn a single, solitary point each day for the money, so I suppose it is five times harder now, but five points should take only a few minutes even at low stakes.  It really is almost like receiving free money.
Before embarking on the Take 2 journey, remember to opt-in to the promo by going to the Cashier and clicking on the My Promotions button.  This will open a web page where you can go to your Take 2 status page and finally opt-in.  Once you opt-in and start playing, you can go to that status page to see how many bonus points you have earned and what progress you are making towards the $5 and $20 cash prizes.

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