The champion of the Australia New Zealand Poker Tour (ANZPT) Sydney Main Event is Dinesh Alt of Switzerland. He had to beat a player field of 459 in order to win the title and the first prize of $226,320.

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The final table of this lucrative tournament had nine formidable poker players fighting for the championship title. Dinesh Alt did not begin as the chip leader; in fact, he had the seventh largest stack, with 736k chips. The chip leader of the event was Dejan Divkovic of Bosnia, who had 3 million chips in his stack.

The first player to be eliminated was Rick Soloman, whose pair of Kings turned out to be no match for David Campion’s pair of Aces. A couple of hours later Dan Kelly, the US professional poker player, lost his pair of Sevens to Dominik Nitsche’s Ace-Queen combo and had to leave the table.

Much to the disappointment of Aussie poker enthusiasts following the final table action, the next four players to get knocked off the table were Australian players Gary Benson, Donald Jones, Michael Fadersen, and David Campion. Their cards just could not stand up against those of their opponents.

During the next ten minutes, Dinesh Alt bet all in and Dominik Nitsche called, but Alt got a Full House on the river and Nitsche had to call it quits. This left Alt playing heads-up against Divkovic with a chip stack thrice as large as his Divkovic’s.

Unfortunately for Divkovic, he got a six and a three while Alt got an eight and a nine. Alt re-raised Divkovic when he bet all in on the river while the Bosnian player called and lost his hand. As a result, Divkovic became the runner-up and Alt won the ANZPT Sydney Main Event championship title.

Here are the final table results. The last man standing was Dinesh Alt; accordingly, he collected the title and the first prize of $226,320. The runner-up Dejan Divkovic won the second biggest prize of $144,440.

The players who finished third and fourth were Dominik Nitsche and David Campion. They won cash prizes of $80,040 and $62,560, respectively. The players who finished fifth and sixth were Michael Fadersen and Donald Jones, and they collected cash prizes of $48,300 and $39,100, respectively.

The players who finished seventh, eighth, and ninth were Gary Benson, Dan Kelly, and Rick Solomon, respectively. They won prizes of $29,900, $23,460, and $17,480, respectively.

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