After what Full Tilt Poker has been putting its US players through, it comes as a surprise that anyone would even want to deal with this site should it reopen. However, a recent survey suggests that German players would welcome Full Tilt Poker back when it returns and would be comfortable with playing at this site. This is probably the only silver lining in the dark clouds that Full Tilt Poker has been shadowed with recently.

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The survey indicated that 75% of players who already have Full Tilt Poker accounts would be happy to continue playing with the site despite their recent problems of the past, while 27% of Full Tilt users would just cash out of the site instantly once it returns, and another 21% would cash out a part of their credit and continue playing. This probably reflects well on Full Tilt’s customer care services since otherwise none of the players would return or choose to stay.

Jeff Iffrah, Full Tilt’s attorney confirmed that the company has begun talking with European investors for the future but there have been no confirmations beyond that. The decision on re-issuing Full Tilt’s license and the hearing for the same will be held on 26th of July 2011, when the Alderney Commission (AGCC) and the ARJEL would discuss with Full Tilt Poker authorities and its future investors, the upcoming turn of events. It has been said that there was an agreement between Full Tilt and its future investors, but the central concern revolves around the return of players and hence Full Tilt is still looking for more partners to fund their site.

Another controversy regarding the site was the indictment made by Phil Ivey that argued for his account and earnings that were blocked. This indictment however, has been abandoned and that puts into question this matter since Full Tilt Poker never settled with Phil Ivey any sort of accounts; many players are confused as to why the case was abandoned. Several players have defended Phil Ivey and his position with respect to Full Tilt Poker while several others have criticized him. Would he consider getting back with the site is still the question, since these events point in that direction?

As far as Full Tilt Poker is concerned, they should be grateful to the players who consider playing with the site again, despite their track record. They should also commend their team that has lead the players to believe that the site is worth returning to.

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