A new online poker room Superwins.eu has been launched on the Lock Poker network. The latter, which left Revolution Gaming in October, was the only skin on its network till the launch of Superwins.eu.

In 2012, there was news that the Cake Poker Network (CPN) was acquired by Lock Poker and re-named as Revolution Gaming. But later, Lock Poker confirmed that it could never get ownership of CPN although it intended to do so.

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Poker players who have been endlessly waiting for their Lock Poker winnings are now suspicious. Some of them have posted on Two Plus Two that Superwins.eu is not an independent online poker room. A Two Plus Two user called dougmanct has found enough evidence to prove that Superwins.eu is somehow linked to Lock Poker.

Dougmanct has found out that, according to the terms and conditions page of Superwins.eu, it is associated with Stacktrace N.V., a company licensed in Curacao to operate , and . Dougmanct says, “The server at superwins.eu has a service running that uses a SSL certificate registered to lockpoker.eu.”

Another poster called “Yur Daddy” has published his chatlog with Quinn, a representative of Lock Poker, in which Quinn says that Superwins.eu is “not related to Lock, but is on the same global platform.”

Players came to know about the online poker room after PokerNewsBoy.com, a poker affiliate and news portal, posted a review of Superwins.eu, mentioning Gerry Poltorack as the main shareholder and editor of the site. Poltorak’s LinkedIn profile shows that he is one of the owners of PokerForums.org and PokerNewsBoy.com, the affiliate manager of Lock Poker, and the chief executive officer of PoltMedia.

Lock Poker is the most heavily promoted online poker room at PokerForums.org and players are urged to email to gerry@lockpoker.eu for customer support, which suggests that Poltorak is closely associated with the online poker room.

This evidence is enough to strengthen players’ suspicions that Lock Poker is using Superwins.eu as a tool to get rid of the bad reputation it has earned for payout delays.

According to recent data, Lock Poker owes more than $900k to various players. Currently, US players will have to wait as many as 275 days to receive a payment through Western Union and as many as 265 days to get a check. But some of them have waited longer to get their payouts and the number of disgruntled Lock Poker players waiting for payouts is on the rise.

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