Tony G, a professional poker player from Party Poker, and Isildur1 who recently joined the PokerStars Pro team will be battling it out in an online poker match early in January. This is a much awaited face off between the two players and will take place soon after New Year’s on the 2nd of January at 4:00 pm ET. This will be the second face off in the SuperStar Showdown and fans of both players are getting very excited to see the action at this particular poker table.
Daniel Negreanu, who is also on the PokerStars pro team, appears to be looking forward to see how this match will go. “I’m very excited to see this match; should be entertaining either way. I don’t plan on challenging Isildur1 because I’m just not good enough, especially four-tabling, but I do want to practice these matches at small stakes, 2,500 hands at maybe $5-$10, and see if I can get used to it. If that goes well, I may try this challenge next year, we’ll see. I’d be comfortable doing a challenge like this in Eight Game if there were people interested, $400-$800,” he said.
The stakes are expected to be between $50 and $100 and it is highly likely that the game will be No Limit Hold’em and/or Pot Limit Omaha. Both players will start the match on the 2nd with buy-ins of $150,000.
Tony G was very disappointed when mystery player Isildur1 dropped out from the reputed Big Game IV poker event despite agreeing to it initially. “To say I am disappointed is an understatement. I have spent so much time talking to him and reassuring him recently, but he’s just not going to come,” he commented on his Party Poker blog.
So far all that is known about the identity of Isildur1 who recently joined PokerStars is that the player is a Swede. His decision to drop out of the Big Game IV poker event can be attributed to his desire to protect his anonymity. And, although he was offered a Kermit the Frog costume from funny man Tony G, the Swede decided not to go green in this particular scenario.
It has been rumored that Tony G was in fact a backer of Isildur1 at an initial stage and this match of what will be teacher ands student has the entire poker community very excited. Posters on the TwoPlusTwo forum have been abuzz with the anticipation as seen in this comment: “Isildur1 will pump up the variance and Tony will never fold, especially at these stakes. Can’t wait!”

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