If you are visiting TightPoker.com, chances are you are no stranger to downloading poker room software, creating an account, and hitting the virtual tables.But many of you may have been leery about installing software from a *gasp* gambling company when you first discovered online poker.And even now, you may find yourself at a computer that is not your own, itching to play, but not really sure if you should install the software without permission.

Well, SunPoker.com has solved everybody’s problems, as it has introduced its new flash version of its poker client.It simply opens in a new window, rather than requiring an installation, so you can play wherever and whenever you want.Even Mac users can play without the need for PC emulators or anything like that.

All of the features of the standard software, including resizable tables, are available in the no-download version.Just go to SunPoker.com, click on the “Instant Play” button corresponding to your currency, and get to work.

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