Ben Sulsky, a poker pro from Toronto, registered for the $50k buy-in Players Championship, which is being played as part of the Word Series of Poker (WSOP) 2015. Sulsky, who plays at PokerStars, has earned close to $930,000 in online poker tournaments.

When Sulsky entered the fourth day of the Players Championship on Wednesday, he held the eighth biggest stack of chips of the 19 players in play. All of them wanted to win the top prize of $1,270,086.

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Card Player grabbed the opportunity to interview Sulsky about his poker career. Sulsky told Card Player that his year has been “going well” and that he has been focusing more on mixed poker games along with a few no-limit games and a number of pot-limit Omaha games. He said: “More people are playing mixed games as more people become specialized in the big-bet games and big-bet has gotten more figured out. As this happens, the edge between professionals gets smaller. There are a lot big-bet players who have been branching out, and I am one of those.”

Talking about a downswing he went through two years back, he said that he began overestimating himself when he began winning a lot of money. Under these circumstances, the downswing helped pull him back to earth and get rid of some of the ego he had developed. He said that he just started playing at lower stakes in order to overcome the downswing.

Speaking about some of his opponents in those days, he said that some of his toughest opponents were Mikael Thuritz, Alex Kostritsyn, and Doug Polk.

Voicing his opinion of Phil Ivey, he said that Ivey is “a great player” who plays “at the highest possible stakes, all the time.” Calling it “a very tough game selection strategy,” which involves “a ton of variance,” he said that he does not consider Ivey to be a losing online poker player at present just because he has been losing a lot of money.

When asked if he finds high-stakes online poker games stressful, he said that he would call them “demanding.” He said that he has lasted in poker because he plays a “solid style” of the game and continuously improves. Expressing confidence in his ability “to succeed in a variety of game climates,” he said that he enjoys poker, a fact that has enabled him to stick to it in bad times as well as good ones.

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