Party Poker has the highest rate of online poker players visiting its website as disclosed by Alexa, an initiative of Amazon that w as created to research website traffic information. The entity has hence concluded that Party Poker is the top most visited online poker portal in the whole world.

In the gambling industry, poker has always been a player favorite and this fact is no different in the online world too, considering the number of people who register on online poker sites is quadrupling by the day. According to the information revealed, 22 percent of the people who play in Party Poker constitute unmarried males from Germany.

Following Party Poker, some of the other online poker websites that are also featured include Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars and PKR. Alexa also provided information on the most popular game on the Party Poker website; this is none other than the game of Texas Hold’em. The popularity of Party Poker is not surprising considering that the site allows players to either play free of cost or for actual money.

The business war between online poker entities is stiff as compared to any other industry. In order to retain their loyal patrons and be a part of the competition, online poker websites double the initial deposit amounts. These bonuses are completely irresistible to the online poker fans who are looking to sign up.

Ever since its inception, Party Poker happens to be the world’s largest poker websites in the online poker industry. Players can choose from a gamut of games like Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 Card Stud and 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo. Along with this, they have a brilliant poker tutorial kit as well and conduct online poker tournaments from time to time.

The traffic rank in the last three months of Party Poker is 194. The research also shows that every visitor is on each page for about a total of 74 seconds and on the site for 85 seconds. While the site stands at number 43 in Germany, most people who visit the site from Belgium and the site stands at 11 here.

Relatively speaking, the data reveals that people who play poker games in Party Poker are predominantly male and these males are mostly single and childless. The date also shows that some of these males are educated while others aren’t. Approximately, 88 percent of the population that comes to Party Poker website constitutes of only a single page view.

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