Poker had become a good profession in the United States and now those who were good at US playing poker online are now without any income due to the shutdown initiated by Department of Justice on Black Friday.

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Three US poker sites, PokerStars, Full Tilt and Absolute Poker were indicted by the Department of Justice on Friday, the 15th of April 2011, also now known as Black Friday due to these events. More than 50000 Americans lost their flow of income due to this shutdown.

Online poker is a game of skill and it was not just entertainment to these Americans who lived their lives from the income generated by playing poker online.

Neel Choksi, a student of DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois was able to support himself in the past few years by playing online poker. Neel states that going broke playing poker was unheard of and people made good money as long as they were in control. Most professional poker players follow certain rules while playing poker online to earn their income.

Jeffrey Saberoff, a student and a professional poker player states that he and his friends made around $300 to $400 every day by playing online poker and this made them independent enough to lead their lives without student loans. There have been poker players who made $50000 in a day as well, and after the Black Friday shutdown these people will have to find a job where they may or may not get paid that amount even after working for a whole year. Like Saberoff, many people blame the US government’s UIGEA legislation, which forced online poker rooms to find different ways to pay the players.

Many people who now face a sudden shortage of income are considering extreme options like moving out of the country to continue playing poker and keep generating that income to remain self-sufficient. A legalized US poker industry might take more than two years and till then people need to find different alternatives. Many people are considering Canada as their destination that allows them to play poker legally and also gives them a similar environment to the United States to live in. Many online sites are also providing people with options to play at different poker sites where US players are accepted or resources to decide where and how they will be playing poker regularly once again. These sites also provide people with the information of countries that allow online poker and their rules and regulations regarding the same.

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